Central Park Lagunas Tulum
The evolution of an icon of Tulum
Highline Serenity Los Amigos Tulum
Luxury Design in Aldea Maya
The Panoramic Tulum Los Amigos Tulum
World's first 360º infinity pool
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Los Amigos Tulum
Real Estate

We have become the number one property developer in Tulum by providing a unique, innovative real estate experience.

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Our developments stand out for their sustainable features, world-class architecture & design, enduring quality, state-of-the-Art technology and our beloved investment plans.
Since 2012
Pioneers of change
Clean Water

We operate the largest private grey and black water treatment systems in the region.

Solar Powered

We installed the first ever SmartFlower System™ & transparent solar panel grid in Tulum.

Eolic Evolution

Revolutionary vertical wind turbines elminates need of large blades, gear boxes, generators, or huge towers.

Intelligent development

Our projects boast' the latest technology in renewable energies and home automation. We build implementing the most advanced sustainable construction techniques.


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Innovations for the next generation Real Estate

Design    |    Construction    |    Operation

Los Amigos operates under its own business model that has proven to be successful in terms of acceptance by our clients and investors. All our developments are conceptualized, projected, designed and built in-house. We are a dedicated team of professionals working together to provide our clients with exceptional value. Each team member offers a unique set of skills, influencing innovative, thoughtful design and service, from planning to commercialization. Testimonials
Los Amigos Tulum, Sustainable Development
Experience a new way of invest and live
Our mission is to make a positive impact to create a more sustainable world

Los Amigos Tulum is an open and friendly company where creativity, honesty, diversity, hard work and a sense of humor are the core values!

About us

Award-Winning Hospitality
Stay with us and see why we have more than 2900 5-star reviews from our amazing guests
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5-Star Reviews
M² Sustainable building
KWH/DAY of Solar EnergyY
Professionals in our ranks
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"With our innovative solar systems, zero emission vehicles, water treatment plants, revolutionary wind turbines and new building materials, we are the pioneers in sustainable development in our region with benefits for everyone."

- Nico Wilmes
CEO Los Amigos Tulum
Los amigos tulum, beautiful homes for sale, riviera maya resorts, riviera maya real estate, tulum real estate, tulum resorts, extreme luxury homes for sale Press
We have been featured in a large number of international and local publications
11 sept 2018 Central Park on National Geographic

Discover about our developments, everything you can do in the Magic Town of Tulum and how to enjoy sustainable tourism in the style of Los Amigos

18 aug 2018 Luxury and sustainability

Immobiliare featured us in an article that mentions our efforts to promote sustainable growth in Tulum, from Central Park Tulum to Central Park Lagunas and beyond

18 aug 2018 Why did we choose Tulum?

Hotbook article about Tulum and Los Amigos, they explain how Nico and Marc fell in love with Tulum and why they struggle to keep it clean and sustainable

12 aug 2018 Innovation and Luxury in Riviera Maya.

In an interview, Nico Wilmes, co-founder of Los Amigos, explains our project designed for those who want to invest in real estate capable of generating a juicy ROI

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Los Amigos Tulum

Inovative Real Estate and Sustainable Development

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