About us

Since 2012
We want to provide the most amazing Real Estate Experience With innovative sustainable developments
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Being the pioneers in the use of renewable technologies in Tulum, Los Amigos is a company focused on the development of High-tech luxury & sustainable residential complexes.

Starting in 2012 as developers, constructors and operators of all our projects, we currently have more than 10 portfolio developments becoming the largest real estate developer in Tulum. All or most of the energy requirements, depending on the size of the project, is covered by more than 200 solar panels distributed smartly, taking advantage of climate conditions in the area.

The Story of Los Amigos

We are a growing Team from over 500 professionals
We are a committed and passionate company in every detail of our work.

Thanks to our professional team, our amazing clients, investors and our magic hometown Tulum to be able to do every day what we love.

Qué nos hace únicos

How about changing the world with Los Amigos

Our Approach
We take responsibility with our environment and comunity we love

Limpiando Tulum

Posada Los Amigos 2017

Día del Niño

Los Amigos Tulum has become the most influential developer in the region:
World-class architecture, innovative design, enduring quality, state-of-the-art technology, and a unique award-winning rental program.

Opening Mexico City office

Broker Marathon Monterrey

Expo Guadalajara

Our construction team

Real Estate Summit 2017

Los Amigos is member of the Multipliers Mastermind community
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We have been featured in a large number of international and local publications
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