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Environmental friendly
For a more sustainable Mexico
We leave green footprint
Water Treatment Systems
"Water supply is the key for a sustainable development. We use the most advanced technology to make a positive impact on our environment."
Quality Water

Our systems uses best-in-class tech to produce permeate of superior quality.

Improves wetlands’

Drainage absorption capacity prevents contamination of ground water and land.

Live on cleaner & healtier

Degrades solids quickly and significantly reduces the need for tank cleaning.

Solar Energy
We run the largest Solar System in Tulum, generating more than 2000kWh a day for all of our facilities
Los Amigos Gym, Solar power system tulum
smartflower solar tulum, sustainable development tulum
First ever Smartflower Solar™, Zero Emission Gym and transparent photovoltaic solar panels integrated in Tulum, and we're going for more!
Zero Emission Gym

We built the first zero emission gym. We have invested in 90 solar energy panels that work all day to transform sunshine into air conditioning. So you can work up a sweat without feeling like you are in an oven!

Smartflower Solar™

The Smartflower converts solar energy into electricity with maximum efficiency. It is capable of producing 3,800-6,200 kWh/yr. We use this energy to help power our water treatment plant, the pool pumps, outdoor lighting and garden sprinkler installations.

Electric Vehicle Chargers
Los Amigos is running the largest EV charging station network in the Riviera Maya, including Tesla Destination Charger
los Amigos Tulum, Tesla Destination Charger Ribiera Maya, Tesla Tulum, Tesla Playa del carmen

Our goal is to provide an incredible vacation experience to our customers while being as respectful as possible with the environment. Central Park by Los Amigos is proud to have the first Tesla Destination Charging station in Tulum. Recharge your car while you relax at our facilities.

We are pioneering green building technology in Tulum with great passion.
Our goal is to provide the most amazing and the most environment friendly development in our market
electric vehicle charging tulum, ev charging station tulum
electric vehicles tulum, tulum ev charger
electric vehicle charger tulum, ev charging station tulum, charge electric vehicle tulum

We cleaned more than 560m3 of garbage deployed out in the jungle of Tulum using 40 trucks

Our CEO Nico Wilmes speaking about the importance of sustainable development on the 2nd annual Real Estate Business Summit Rviera Maya 2018. (Spanish)

Central Park is the largest and most sustainable project in Tulum

Kids enjoying a day at Los Amigos Beach (Spanish)

Delivering happiness for the kids