Discover the thrilling adventure of 2 friends that went from backpackers to influential entrepreneurs in Tulum!
How we met studying Spanish and how we decided to invest in Tulum, everything has influenced, every step, every decision lead us to where we are today.
This video is our way to show you that if we did it, you can do it too! Achieving success is all about never stop trying.

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  1. Humberto López Flores Reply

    Buenas tardes Soy el ingeniero Humberto López desde hace 20 años me dedico a la construcción sustentable me gustaría saber si podría contactarme con el Sr. Wilmes.
    Tengo un gran interés en aportar en la empresa del señor Wilmes, he estado investigando de sustitución de concreto y me gustaría aportar dentro de la empresa a su vez tratar de emplearme y trabajar sobre este nuevo sistema de construcción siendo que este tipo de investigación ayudaría a que la construcción sustentable sea a un 90% ecológicas sustentables y retro 10 entraría lo que es la aplicación de la tecnología.

    Good afternoon. I am the engineer Humberto López, I have been dedicated to sustainable construction for 20 years. I would like to know if you could contact Mr. Wilmes.
    I have a great interest in contributing to Mr. Wilmes’ company, I have been investigating concrete substitution and I would like to contribute within the company and in turn try to employ myself and work on this new construction system since this type of research would help that sustainable construction is 90% ecological sustainable and retro 10 would enter what is the application of technology.

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