the Future of Transportation and Urban Air Mobility Accepting Difficult Times Tulum: A paradise for retirees Crisis as an opportunity to rise

“UAM and the widespread use of passenger and cargo AAVs will transform how people and goods move around urban areas,” Real estate developer Los Amigos Tulum announces its strategic partnership with EHang, the world’s leading company in autonomous air vehicle technology (AAV) platforms, to build an urban air mobility (UAM) project in Tulum While the AAV conversation has mostly focused on urban spaces, there are broad non-urban applications for services currently being provided by helicopters, including in search and rescue, emergency medical services, offshore operations, oil and gas, firefighting, forestry, power-line repair and surveys, agriculture and pest control, media, aerial photography,…

The first thing that occurs to people when they hear the word “investment” is markets, stocks, stocks. Financial markets are highly volatile, and many investors will see a significant portion of the value of their portfolios dilute. The real estate will become important as a refuge value. Some stocks have lost as much as 30% of their value in a couple of days, just as the Dow Jones Index has fallen 32% in the past month.

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