With the ever increasing popularity of Tulum as a holiday destination it is important to take measures to preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings. As one of the largest developments in Tulum we have the obligation and responsibility to take care of the environment. From infrastructure to daily operations, our developments lCentral Park Tulum and Central Park Lagunas are designed to leave a minimal impact on the environment:
1. Tesla Destination Charger
Central Park is proud to have the first Tesla Destination Charging station in Tulum. Recharge your car while you relax with us. What’s more, for guests staying at Central Park it is possible to get a ride from the airport in our brand new Tesla Model X!.
2. Zero Emission Gym
As a zero emission gym we have invested in 90 solar panels that work all day to convert sunshine into air conditioning. So you can work up a sweat without feeling like you are in an oven!
3. Smartflower Solar Charger
If you’ve been to Central Park you’ve seen the smartflower, the centerpiece of the court area. What’s so smart about it? By constantly positioning herself in the direction of the sun, the smartflower converts solar energy into electricity with maximum efficiency. It is capable of producing around 6 kWh per year. We use this energy to help power our water treatment plant, the pool pumps, outdoor lighting and garden sprinkler installations.

4. Water Treatment (Reverse Osmosis + Black / Grey Water Treatment)
Clean water is one of those basic amenities that is often taken for granted. At Central Park you can rest assured that you are using the cleanest water possible and all water is treated on site thereby not releasing harmful chemicals into the natural water systems of Tulum.
Because we want to preserve the natural beauty of the cenotes, ocean and reefs it is important not to pollute them.
Reverse osmosis Ensuring the cleanest water there is in Tulum, it’s so clean you can drink right from the tap, no need to buy bottled water!
Black water All black water and grey water produced from the use of toilets, showers and washing machines is processed on site, ensuring that no harmful bacteria can enter the natural water systems of Tulum.
5. Complimentary Bicycles
Guests of Central Park are offered complimentary bicycles to explore Tulum, thereby reducing the need for petrol consuming transportation.
6. Conscious Consumption Practices
All showers are equipped with water saving shower heads without compromising on water pressure. We remind guests to be conscious about their consumption while they stay with us choosing whether they require daily towel change or can skip a day or two.
Sustainability is what inspire every decision we make at Los amigos Tulum.
Are you ready to visit the most environmentally-friendly development in Tulum?

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