People come to Tulum knowing that they will fall in love but they don’t really know what would cause this. The thing is… Tulum is magical, not only because it was recently declared a “Pueblo Mágico”, it is the sum of the amazing natural places, the culture, and its incredible nightlife, among some other things.
Natural Places
The town, located south of Playa del Carmen and Cancun, is part of the Riviera Maya, an area named after its Mayan history and natural wonders. And, speaking of natural, we should definitely mention Tulum beaches, lagoons and surrounding “cenotes”.

Tulum’s shore is 9 km long, next to one of the clearest, bluest sea you would ever see:
Start at the beach by the Mayan ruins, which you will get to by going down the stairs next to “The Palace”. Great for taking a swim after walking in the sun!
Boca Paila, south of the ruins, is where you will find an unbelievable number of beach clubs, hotels and restaurants. Have you guessed where Los Amigos Beach is?
The sand is so white, the ocean warm, and spending the day at a beach bed, eating delicious beach food sounds almost like heaven on Earth.
Sian Ka’an, is a biosphere reserve, that starts right where Boca Paila ends (a few kilometers after Los Amigos Beach). The zone is as rustic and natural as it can get. Beautiful beaches, that if you look thoroughly, you will be able to find one where you won’t see another human for hours. This protected area gives the chance to take a boat tour and see dolphins in their natural habitat. Pretty awesome, right? If you drive for a long while, you will get to Punta Allen, the next town after Tulum.
Tulum is where the Mayans built their only castle by the beach. The walled city was named Zama, and its iconic construction was placed on the cliff. The ruins should definitely be in your bucket list. But make sure you bring along some water and a hat!
This is such a young town, that most of its inhabitants weren’t even born here, you will find a very interesting mix of cultures, people, food, everything! Make sure you give an opportunity to Mayan cuisine and to all of the restaurants along the town! Locals are really nice and easy going, and almost everybody speaks English too.
This soon-to-be not so small beach town, has a lot to offer at night time. You can choose to spend the evening downtown or at the beach, and believe us, they won’t disappoint. From salsa music, to live rock bands to electronic music parties, the venues have something for every taste.
Our recommendations are:
El Encanto (live music), Batey (you should try their mojitos!) and Salón Raíces (salsa) – downtown.
La Zebra (salsa), Casa Jaguar (electronic music), Gitano (restaurant) and Papaya Playa Project (amazing full moon parties) – beach area.
Let us know if you are coming soon and what are you planning to visit!

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