It happens to everyone at some point in life.
Our world rocked forever.
How we learn from it becomes our strengths.

Most of the time we have no one with whom to share these experiences. Someone who truly understands our situation. This time we are united by it.

Today we all face different uncertainties caused by the same event. This will be an opportunity to rise to the challenge. Carpe diem; Seize the day. 

Like the rest of life, this is simply another test to push us out of our comfort zones. We have been living very comfortably for the past few decades, free of global life-altering events. This is our time to rise and unite.

1. Nothing is permanent. Everything in life changes. Everything. This can be a difficult concept to understand. Anyone who has experienced major change or loss knows this to be true. It takes mindful efforts and an open mind to see beyond current circumstances.  

2. The faster we accept that nothing lasts forever, the quicker we can adapt to new circumstances. This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and effort. The more we recognize this to be true, the better we get at dealing with varying situations.  

3. Recognizing that we all have a role to play is important. During this time, many people who typically take action may be asked to stay at home to allow others to provide us with essential services. Taking control of our egos is crucial to understand that our most heroic actions at the moment may be to lead by example from home.  

4. Respectful communication and preparation are key when living in isolation. As a family, create a plan while allowing others to voice their thoughts and opinions, ensuring everyone is aware of the new temporary modifications. This is an opportunity to teach and practice planning with patience and compassion with our loved ones.  

5. Self-reflect and look inside ourselves for guidance. Since self-reflection may be a new experience to some, it can be challenging at the beginning. That’s OK. Not having all of the answers is part of life. Living in isolation is not typical for the average person and adjusting will take effort. This is an opportunity to start meditating and practicing mindfulness.

6. Looking to blame others for this situation is not helpful at the present moment. There is a lot to learn from this event and the future may change as a society because of it. But at this moment, a level head is required to prevail. Listen to the advice of medical professionals and front-line workers. Disagreeing with expert advice is allowing our egos to think it knows more than everyone else, putting loved ones at risk. There will be time later to criticize and develop better strategies.   

7. Change can result in growth. Take this time to see how you can grow during this frustrating time. Learning new skills, like mindfulness and meditation, can help calm the mind and give us internal peace while the world outside may seem chaotic. This can be your cocoon moment that gives you time to do all the personal development you may have been wanting to do previously but was limited by the routines of everyday life.  

8. Learn from this. About ourselves, our homes, our jobs, our family planning. Learn from all of this. If a situation isn’t perfect at the moment, there is no need for anger. Accept the current moment as reality. Write down what you’d like to be different to make this situation better. It seems simple, however, a lot of people know what they don’t want in their lives, yet don’t take the time to truly understand what they do want to make them happy. Learn to appreciate what you do have at this moment and to plan for your future desires.   

9. Be grateful for all that you have at this moment. Many people may not have the simple luxuries that are being taken for granted. A warm place to sleep, electricity, food, loved ones, pets, games, books, the list is infinite. At this present moment, identify how fortunate you are.   

We will emerge from this terrible sequence of events stronger, more loving, with compassion and appreciation for many of the daily activities we used to take for granted. We may also identify old habits that no longer positively serve us and this is an excellent opportunity to take control of our lives and recognize what is important to us.   

Take care and keep respect for each other during this trying time.  

Author: The Mind Surfer

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