Tulum is considered a Pueblo Mágico (magical towns of Mexico). To give this title many factors are taken into account but, what is it that makes Tulum magical that visitors fall in love with the place and promise to return?

These are the 8 wonderful reasons that will also make you fall in love!

  1. Beach: There are beaches around the world but none like Tulum. Between the path of Boca Paila that leads to each of the beach clubs – hotels and the sea, you can breathe an energy that makes you feel like you are in a very special place. The sea of ​​Tulum captures you with unique turquoise tones and its crystal clear water next to the soft white sand. In addition, the Caribbean climate is everything you ever wanted … and more.tulum playa
  2. Boca Paila: On the sides of the road parallel to the beach you will find small boutiques with everything you need to impersonate the tuluminati look: tunics, hats, pashminas and bathing suits. In addition to delicious food, both small restaurants with a local touch as well as restaurants that do not envy anything to the most renowned in the world. There are hotels and beach clubs for all tastes, from the most exclusive ones like Los Amigos Beach to the popular ones like the Papaya Playa Project.
  3. Beach Clubs and Hotels: If it’s a rustic, natural and hippy-chic style, it’s all about the little places around Boca Paila that have that stamp all around. Covered with earthy and white colors, we can see in these places a constant: we are one with the environment. You can stay in hotels with ocean views, outdoor tubs and dream catchers. Magical places, they are called.tulum beach club
  4. Cenotes: The Mayans considered the cenotes as the sacred entrance to Xibalbá, the underworld. They performed all kinds of rituals in them and it is to this day that when you visit them, you can feel that mysticism. These places with water at 24 ° throughout the year, are only found in the Yucatan peninsula. It is an unmissable visit!tulum cenote
  5. Nature: Tulum is not only a village surrounded by jungle but also incredible mangroves, cenotes, beach… Nature predominates here and you can see without much effort monkeys, coatis, raccoons, sereques, but if you love marine life, there are many tours that take you to see dolphins, turtles, manta rays, fish of all colors and even sharks in their natural habitat!
  6. Ruins: The Mayans called these ruins Zama which means sunrise and it is easy to understand why they chose this name since it is one of the few Mayan settlements so close to the sea. The buildings are kept in good condition and after the tour you can cool off on the beach.
  7. People: Although very few inhabitants have been born in the area, the town is made up of native locals, adoptives, expats from all over the world … the city is as eclectic as any other location in the Riviera Maya. That is why so many friendships are formed that can result in a few drinks or a dance on the beach with your new Italian, Russian, Argentine, American, Canadian and, of course, Mexican friends who make Tulum magical.
  8. Sustainability: For several years, every effort has been made to take care of the environment in the region, from sustainable developments such as Central Park Lagunas, to proposing to ban straws and plastic bags. More and more projects are including renewable energies and water treatment plants.Central Park Lagunas, Los Amigos Tulum

We love Tulum and we are convinced that anyone who visits it will feel the same. It’s magic surrounded by nature with people like none. However, the most important thing is to take care of its mysticism by doing everything possible to make a positive impact here.

Tell us which of these reasons make Tulum magical for you!

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