You may already be an investment guru or you are just beginning to learn and want to know everything for a wisely investing. In any case, we want to tell you what hands-off investing is so you can decide if it is the ideal type of investment for you.hands-off investment

Hands-Off Investing

This term refers to investing and leaving the not-so-fun part as management, payments or promotion -in vacation rentals scenario-, to the experts. To those who can assure you a return on investment, leaving you with extra time and forgetting about all the stress.significa hands off investment

Why is This Ideal for You?

This type of investment is ideal for those who want to invest in real estate and do not live in the same city where their property is located. It is also excellent for those who are not familiar to dealing with maintenance issues, vacationers, OTAs -online travel agencies-, taxes and even for those who find it difficult to be present each time someone comes to stay in their unit.Panoramic Tulum


By taking away the pressure of an asset that you are focused on daily, you can look for new investment options even in different developments, and each one will pay you the dividends of the income they generate without worrying about everything that happens.hands off investing

To Consider

This is not the type of investment for people who like micromanagement, but for those who want to use their time in other activities while their investment generates profits.


Investing in real estate is a sure bet, the market does not usually affect its value and is something tangible. Our advice is to invest in places that are booming and generate surplus value, such as Tulum. In addition, with developments that generate between 8% and 14% annual return on investment, you ensure that it is paid by itself. The question is, are you ready?

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