As part of our mission: “Make a positive impact for a more sustainable Mexico”. Los Amigos Tulum and the Chinese company Ehang joined forces to make this possible once again.

Very soon will arrive the first Autonomous Air Vehicle (AAV) of low altitude for passengers, here we leave some interesting information so you know more about this new era of mobility in Tulum.

Model 216:

  • The prototype began to be designed in 2012 and was completed until 2016
  • It has an intelligent autopilot, with which it is not necessary to have knowledge of piloting, it is only necessary to insert the place of destination in the control center
  • Its functionality is 100% electric power
  • Its capacity is two passengers
  • Can support up to 620 kg
  • It reaches a speed of up to 130 km / h, so you can travel long distances in a short time

This passenger drone has great benefits for the quality of life of the human being and the environment. Our next Central Park Lagunas complex will feature the first landing tower for passenger drones, in addition to 700 m² of lagoons, underground spa and automated units. Take advantage of the latest units of this project and enjoy an intimate and relaxed lifestyle in a quiet and exclusive environment.

More info:

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