Congratulations on investing in a vacation property!
We believe you made an excellent decision that will help increase your wealth and we want to help you maximize your income with these 5 keys:

  1. Decor: Although it might not seem important, it is. We live immersed in an increasingly visual era and we are caught by aesthetics. Decorating your unit will make it much more attractive and “insta perfect”.
  2. Visibility: Based on the previous point, it is important to give visibility to the incredible decoration. Social networks are an excellent means to carry this out, in addition to the point that we will mention next.
  3. Image: Today most smartphones have good quality cameras which would make the task of obtaining acceptable images very easy but our recommendation in this case is that you hire a professional photographer, preferably who has experience in photography for OTAs.
  4. Additional features: What differentiates your property from the rest? Offering something different will attract the attention of vacationers, from tours, amenities to small surprises or presents that will make your guest feel special and hopefully mention it in a very good review.
  5. Experts: There are many vacation rental management programs managed by experts in the field that can help you achieve the return on investment you want. Besides getting rid of the pressure of being on the lookout for maintenance, attention to guests, cleaning, among other things.
Panoramic Tulum

It is true that putting your property in vacation rental can be a bit overwhelming if you take care of everything but you can avoid that hustle and maximize the rent of your property.

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