“Crises first have an emotional impact, which becomes more rational over time”

Considers that while there is a time of crisis, many people seek immediate liquidity, so that property prices become more accessible and it becomes the perfect time to invest in it, as people did in 2008, with which they multiplied their fortune exponentially.

Why is a real estate investment better in these times?

The first thing that occurs to people when they hear the word “investment” is markets, stocks, stocks. Financial markets are highly volatile, and many investors will see a significant portion of the value of their portfolios dilute. The real estate will become important as a refuge value. Some stocks have lost as much as 30% of their value in a couple of days, just as the Dow Jones Index has fallen 32% in the past month.

On the other hand, investing in debt generates lower and lower returns, derived from the decision of the central banks to cut rates, as a preventive measure in the face of a visible future recession. Now is when we must use credit wisely, to benefit from the conditions and make ourselves a tangible asset that will generate returns for us in the coming years.

The peso has lost almost 23% of its value against the dollar, compared to the opening of 2019. In addition, analysts do not rule out the possibility that it will reach 25 units per greenback, since we have not hit bottom yet. For this, at Los Amigos Tulum, we have decided to support our clients by setting a preferential exchange rate that does not depend on the instability that may arise later.

In summary, investing in times of crisis is an opportunity that will bring benefits in the future, do not miss it.

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